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Mad Professional Produces A High-Octane Satirical Hip-Hop Parody ‘Dragon Tailz’

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Mad Professional is a DC-based comedy hip-hop artist and is the lyrical alter-ego of artist/performer Brett Melnick. Born from the germ of an idea in a basement recording studio stowed away in suburban Maryland, the Mad Professional identity was formed as the comedic trinity consisting of Melnick as well as producers Sensu and Austin Hall. Working together the team began to amalgamate their ideas, beats, and bars to create some epic soon-to-be-released songs such as ‘Surprise Veganism’ and ‘Diamonds on my Dick’, which features up-and-comer Daddy. In partnering with D.C. based duo UGP, Mad Professional presents the first single and music video titled ‘Dragon Tailz’. This hot but funny banger is a satirical parody of the popular Canadian-American PBS children’s fantasy cartoon of the same name, releasing unapologetically and fiercely into the world on September 1st. 

All artists involved in Mad Professional were born and raised in Maryland, D.C., in the Virginia area. Spearheading the operation is Brett– a film/television writer and producer by day, but a veteran level songsmith by night. Getting his start in the writers’ room on the Tracy Morgan TBS comedy ‘The Last O.G.’, Brett is always looking for the best ways to bridge comedy writing with his love for music. Mad Professional was his answer. And we’d bet it’s yours too.

On top of being an active performer of The Second City Improv School, Melnick’s writing and producing résumé includes producing a Spongebob Squarepants original short exclusively for Nickelodeon’s Comic-Con booth in addition to producing ‘What’s Up North’.  The latter being an original comedy news desk series and was produced in partnership with both BuzzFeed and Instagram, starring Trevor Tordjman of ‘The Next Step’ and the Disney Zombies franchise. The IGTV digital series focuses on empowering a Gen Z audience to make a positive social and environmental impact on the world, with the pilot episode gathering about 100,000 views in its first week of launching. Currently in his day-to-day, Melnick is the showrunner and writer’s assistant on the FX original comedy ‘DAVE’, which stars Lil Dicky.

The inspiration for Mad Professional’sDragon Tailz’ stemmed from his profound love of the series when growing up, leading to his future interest in re-imagining the world in a darker, grittier, and more modern nature. He feels like this song tugs on a good amount of those “only 90’s kids will relate” and “Gen Z” heartstrings, and during this time of quarantine and lock-down he has personally felt very disconnected from his friends and family. Ultimately that added further incentive for the double threat wordsmith to really want to create something that would provide a safe shared experience, meanwhile unlocking that nostalgic connection to an audience.  

The obstacles which seem to prevent us from achieving our goals can alternatively be used – and in some cases may even be necessary – to achieve those very goals you set out to tackle in the first place. Mad Professional has used the time of lock-down not to fall apart, but to come together more than ever and help pave the way for others to do the same. Hoping to empower and inspire a group of young creatives to challenge themselves during lock-down to keep inventing during this very isolating and difficult time, Mad Professional takes the first step toward showing us all how it’s done. 


Hxppy Thxxghts
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