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Watch Now: OnCue – Big Mad [prod. Turbz, Brenton Duvall & LifeOfTheo]

We’re a little late with the coverage on this one, but life be like that sometimes. And, when it comes to OnCue, the bops are suited for whenever you decide to press play. Mans stayed cooking up timeless records throughout 2020 and “Big Mad” serves as a wonderful little anthem to close out the year. Do what you can to capture this energy and carry it with you as you enter 2021 – just remember, to stay humble in the process.

While his music throughout the year has a newfound essence of timelessness, don’t wait around forever to dap up the LA-based artist. As he dictates on “Big Mad,” we’ve had the opportunity to show him love for a hot minute now. If you decided to throw shade until you noticed his star shining, then “Big Mad” is for you. The celebratory cut sees OnCue feeling good and basking in his grind – there was never a Plan B, just a whole lot of sacrifice and a keen ability to stay focused on the vision. Even though he’s slipped and stalled a few times along the way, Cuey never stayed down. And he’s certainly not slowing down now.

“Big Mad” is a melodic tip of the cap to all those who wasted their energy hating on him. He’s been written off more times than one can count and now he rejoices in the salty taste left in the palate of the people feeling all sorts of bitter.

With witty, sharp lyricism delivered through his characteristically smooth crooning, “Big Mad” feels like a celebration, a flip of the bird and a slick lil’ smile all at once. Wrapped up in the enigmatic production that comes courtesy of Turbz, Brenton Duvall and LifeOfTheo, “Big Mad” is sure to leave listeners as ready as ever to raise a glass with their family and leave the naysayers behind.

“Big Mad” is available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. If you haven’t already, take some time to sit with the Hxppy Thxxghts Interview with OnCue from earlier this year.

Watch the video below.

1 thought on “Watch Now: OnCue – Big Mad [prod. Turbz, Brenton Duvall & LifeOfTheo]”

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    I have a different perspective. I hear an artist who used his ascent to deliver a message inspired by a sense of entitlement in an astoundingly uninspired style. It’s a read and it seems to be generally aimed at a particular ‘ho’ (just using Cue’s word), not even the countless others who probably didn’t stroke his ego enough in early days, but showed up once he was ballin’.

    I remember very little of this song – it’s far from *Unforgettable* – but I did note Cue’s clever perpetuation of toxic masculinity by saying something about ditching when his girl was “on the rag,” as well as the Plan B pun when he “hit it raw” in the Camry.

    Cue: the Camry is the funny part – that’s the reference that every former Civic- and Caravan-owner is gonna smile about when they listen. But every woman out there is thinking, “fuck this guy.”

    It’s 2021, man. Level-up.

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