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Stream: Richard Vagner – Boulder

Boulder is a wondrous demonstration of the otherworldly force and potential of music. Brought into the world thanks to Richard Vagner, the 11-track, self-produced album radiates with love and purpose as the multi-instrumentalist takes listeners on a journey through sound, maneuvering through the sonic landscape with authenticity and pure intention.  Read More

Stream: KOTA The Friend – FOTO

Why chase a carrot when you can plant your own garden? On FOTO, the debut album from KOTA The Friend, the Brooklyn-bred artist brings listeners into his world, taking the audience on a journey deep into the history and backstory of his 26 years here in the physical.  Read More

Stream: Raz Simone – Still Love

With two albums having dropped last year, Raz Simone showed no signs of slowing down as 2018 wrapped up and 2019 emerged. Following a roll-out that included Jacob Hill-shot visuals for “Dancing with my Heart“, “Isn’t Love“, “Forever Don’t Last” and “Hurting Painters“, Raz Simone celebrated his birthday with the liberation of his most extensive collection of music to-date.  Read More

Favorite Albums of 2018

What this is not is a list of the “best” albums of the year. Nobody, myself included, possesses the credentials to decide upon the proper, indisputable criteria that determines a collection of music is not only “better” than another, but the actual “best”.  Read More
Hxppy Thxxghts
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